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Dental Equipment

We are distributors for various leading manufacturing companies for dental equipment and instruments from all over the world

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Dental X-ray Generator
Dental Unit
Endodontic Micromotor Control Unit
Dental Apex Locator
Medical Autoclave
Dental Amalgamator
Dental Air Compressor Oil-free
Electric Surgical Suction Pump
Sterilizer Water Distiller
Surgical sterilizer
Medical Ultrasonic Cleaner
Dental Laboratory Polymerizer
Washer Disinfector
Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems
Sealing Machine
Dental Hand Piece
Storage Cabinet
Dental Stool
Double dental excavator
Dental turbine
Dental contra-angle
Water syringe
Double dental excavator B
Dental fragment forceps
Pediatric dental extraction forceps
Double dental scaler
Dental spatula
Dental mallet
Straight dental root elevator
Concave osteotome kit
Dental cement spatula
Dental wax modeling instrument
Bernard syndesmotome
Dental mirror
Dental curette
Bone dental file
Manual endodontic file
Diagnostic dental probe
Dental carver
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Sealing Machine